#MusicMonday: 10 OPM songs for every Valentine”s Day mood

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Valentine’s Day is almost here—and that could either be a cause for despair or excitement.

February 14 brings about many different emotions, and sometimes, all you need is a song to help you express yourself.

Here are 10 OPM songs by some of today’s top artists for every Valentine’s Day mood:

1. “I’m crushing so hard on someone.”

It doesn’t matter how old you get, having crushes is just a kilig-filled part of life. And Zack Tabudlo captures it perfectly in “Gusto.”

Featuring Al James, the song captures how it is to like somebody and not knowing how to make a move.

Relatable lyrics: “Hanggang tingin na lang ba sa ‘yo? ‘Di makalapit sa ganda mo. Gusto lang na makilala pa, kaso medyo nahihiya.”

2. “Should I tell them how I feel?”

Expressing yourself always brings about overthinking and preparing for rejection — along with hope that you can maybe start something beautiful with that person.

“Maybe Maybe” by Lola Amour brings those thoughts to life: thinking that it’s pointless to share but unable to deny that small little push to do so.

Relatable lyrics: “’Cause I don’t see the point in telling her I love her when I know it goes one ear and out the other. She don’t feel it the same way, well, maybe, maybe as a friend. But even then, I know I’m all alone, got no one in the end.”

3. “I’m ready to declare my love.”

Knowing that you love someone and are ready to make it known is a strong move to make. One way to do that is to keep it simple and straightforward.

Nobita does just exactly that with “Ikaw Lang.” The rock band tackles falling in love and assuring your person that that love is real and will never disappear.

Relatable lyrics: “Tumingin ka sa aking mga mata at hindi mo na kailangan pang magtanong nang paulit-ulit. Ikaw lang ang iniibig.”

4. “The person I like doesn’t like me back.”

When the person you like doesn’t feel the same way, it can be a very isolating feeling.

Healy After Dark’s “Isip” perfectly captures the confusion, hopelessness, and heartbreak of rejection.

Relatable lyrics: “At sa paglalim ng pagtingin sa’yo, meron bang pagkakataon ang puso ko? Hindi alam kung bakit di mabitawan ang kalungkutan na dala mo sa buhay ko.”

5. “Are we or aren’t we?”

Oh, situationships. The notions of going through life and experiencing new things together, but you’re not together.

Just like Timmy Albert‘s song, “IT’S COMPLICATED!”

Although the song has a lively pop beat, the Sparkle singer opened up about the frustration of sharing something great yet unclear with somebody.

Relatable lyrics: “Can we figure out something like an arrangement? I don’t wanna keep on wasting time complaining. All the other guys, they stare at you, they’re waiting. They don’t understand that we are even dating.”

6. “Kilig!”

The best part about being in a relationship or liking somebody is definitely the honeymoon phase, where nothing is wrong, everything is right, and you have a special person with whom you navigate life. Ang sarap!

Cup of Joe and Janine Tenoso’s collaboration, “Tingin,” is all about those feelings of kilig and how nothing else matters as long as you are together.

Relatable lyrics: “Sa bawat sandaling ikaw ay pinagmamasdan, may dumadapong kiliti na ‘di maunawaan. Walang imik, ‘di mabanggit na sa aking isip, ikaw lang ang nagmamarka.”

7. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this person.”

When you find your person, the simplest things turn magical.

In “711” by TONEEJAY, the artist sings about his goals to give this person everything he can to make them happy, such as building a home, taking them to Japan, or a unique café.

Relatable lyrics: “Balang-araw, masusulat ko kaya ang kanta na bibili ng bahay sa Santa Rosa? Maglalagay ako ng 7-Eleven sa highway kahit ayaw kong maging kapitalista. At bibili ako ng kotse kasi sabi mo, ‘Bawal ang mag-motor.’ Pero ang totoo, ‘di bale na ako. Ikaw lang naman, ikaw lang iniisip ko.”

8. “This heartbreak is the absolute worst.”

Going through a breakup also means going through intense emotions.

In “Ere,” with all its curse words and strong melodies, juan karlos perfectly captured the anger that happens in breakups. He sang about giving it his all in the relationship, but was still left behind by his partner because of all their doubts.

Relatable lyrics: “Oh, diba? Nakakaputang ina. Tayo’y lumilipad, at ako’y iniwan mo.”

If you need to express yourself some more, here are 10 songs to help get you through a breakup.

9. “I’m still healing and moving on.”

Healing and moving on from past loves is a difficult challenge, to say the least. 

The mellow track “Sa Hindi Pag-Alala” by Munimuni gets real about how hard it is to get over someone, but push through with the healing anyway.

Relatable lyrics: “Kakalimutan na kita. Siguraduhin mong hindi talaga pwedeng tayo. Napagisipan mo na ba? Dahil kakalimutan na kita.”

10. “I’m strong, independent, and beautiful, and I deserve the world!”

Let’s be real—having somebody is amazing and all, but knowing your worth and living your best life is even better!

Denise Julia’s “Lackin’” is a new self-love anthem and knowing that you always deserve the best.

Relatable lyrics: “You must be out of your mind to be testing me. Matter of fact, I still find it way too hard to believe that I let somebody like you drain my energy that we had history, ’cause in every memory, you were lackin’.”

— LA, GMA Integrated News

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