PH Red Cross urges public to practice safety measures on All Saints’ Day

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Gordon reminded the public on Tuesday, Oct. 31, to continue practicing safety measures to protect their loved ones on All Saints’ Day.

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“Safety is a collective responsibility,” Gordon said in a statement. 

Gordon reminded the public to “look out for one another and ensure that our family and community gatherings are not only filled with love and warmth but also with a strong sense of security.” 

“Let us also take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of safety,” he added.

To foster a culture of safety, the PRC reminded the public of a few essential tips.

For emergency preparedness, the public is advised to always be prepared for unexpected situations by having a basic knowledge of first aid and the location of emergency exits and equipment.

For fire safety, the PRC advised the public to be cautious during candle-lit events or when lighting candles to prevent fires and ensure to “keep an eye on children and use safe, designated areas for candles and open flames.”

Regarding food safety, the PRC noted that prioritizing proper handling, storage, and hygiene is the key to preventing foodborne illnesses when preparing and sharing food.

In traffic safety, ensure the vehicle is in good condition, follow traffic rules, and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol.

“We are still facing a global pandemic,” Gordon said. “Please continue to practice safety measures, including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and regular handwashing to protect your loved ones,” he added. 

Furthermore, Gordon reiterated the PRC’s commitment to engendering a safety culture, not just during emergencies but also in everyday life.

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