Eight Undas tech essentials for a fuss-free All Saints and All Souls Day experience

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Philippine Tribune

From rechargeable candles to portable speakers – discover the must-have gadgets for a memorable and stress-free Undas experience in the Philippines

As the Philippines gets ready to embrace the cherished tradition of Undas – a time when we come together to remember and honor our dearly departed loved ones, families all over the nation are gearing up for their visits to cemeteries. 

It’s a time of reflection, connection, and paying homage to those who have left us. To make this unique cultural experience more comfortable, convenient, and memorable, let’s delve into the essential tech gadgets that can elevate your Undas celebration. From Anker power banks and JBL wireless compact speakers to Xiaomi rechargeable fans and efficient vacuum cleaners for post-Undas clean-up, these Undas tech essentials can help alleviate the stress of visiting cemeteries.

Rechargeable Candles: Modern Illumination

Let’s go green, shall we? While it has been a tradition to use ordinary candles, it’s also better to use rechargeable candles. These are modern alternatives to traditional wax ones, providing that soothing ambiance and offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. No more fussing over replacing burnt-out candles; these LED wonders come in various designs and sizes, making them a practical and heartfelt addition to your Undas essentials.

Neck or Bluetooth Standfans: Stay Cool and Comfortable

The weather can be unpredictable even in colder cities like Baguio and Tagaytay. Sometimes, visiting cemeteries during Undas is a relatively warm and humid affair. 

This is where rechargeable neck fans come to the rescue. Portable, lightweight, and hands-free, these nifty devices are designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you pay your respects. Adjustable fan speed settings ensure you stay refreshed even in the sweltering heat, allowing you to focus on the day’s true meaning.

Power Banks: Stay Connected

In this digital age, staying connected is essential, even during Undas. Anker power banks, renowned for their reliability and fast charging capabilities, are your best companion to ensure your devices remain charged throughout the day. Whether you need to make necessary calls, capture precious moments with photos and videos, or stay in touch with family and friends, Anker power banks guarantee you won’t be left with a dead battery.

Wireless Compact Speakers: Setting the Mood

Undas is also a time for sharing stories and memories of your departed loved ones. Create a more immersive atmosphere by bringing along JBL wireless compact speakers. 

With this, you can play your loved ones’ favorite songs soothingly or even recite prayers and stories with enhanced audio quality. The renowned audio quality of JBL speakers ensures that everyone can hear and participate in the memorial, making it an exceptional experience.

Portable Picnic Sets: Sharing a Meal and Memories

Undas is not just about honoring the deceased; it’s also about celebrating life. For many, it’s a time for family reunions and sharing meals. To make your Undas experience complete, consider bringing a portable picnic set. These sets include collapsible tables, chairs, and even built-in coolers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient spot to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Share stories, laughter, and your dearly departed favorite dishes in style.

Smartphone Apps: Navigating and Remembering

Smartphone apps have become essential tools for many aspects of life, and Undas is no exception. Install navigation apps to help you find your way to the cemetery and identify parking spots. Additionally, consider using apps that enable you to create digital memorials or keep a journal of your Undas experiences. These apps help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you capture the essence of the day.

Foldable Canopies: Shelter from the Elements

The Philippine weather can be unpredictable, and you never know when rain or intense sunshine might disrupt your Undas visit. To protect yourself and your family, consider a foldable canopy. These easy-to-transport and quick-to-assemble shelters offer shade and protection from the elements, allowing you to focus on your tribute without worrying about the weather.

Insulated Food Containers: Keeping Food Fresh

Undas gatherings often include bringing favorite dishes and sharing meals with relatives. Invest in insulated food containers to ensure that the food you prepare stays fresh and delicious. These handy containers maintain the temperature of your food so you can enjoy a hot, hearty meal even after a long day of commemoration.

Be technified, not terrified

Undas is a deeply rooted Filipino tradition, rich in cultural and spiritual significance. These tech essentials, from Anker power banks and Xiaomi rechargeable fans to JBL wireless compact speakers, are designed to enhance your Undas experience, providing comfort, convenience, and an opportunity to create lasting memories. 

Whether visiting the cemetery to pay your respects, share stories, or celebrate life, these gadgets can help you connect with your loved ones and create a memorable Undas experience.

By incorporating these Undas tech essentials into your commemoration, you can make this special occasion more engaging and comfortable while preserving the solemnity and significance of All Saints and All Souls’ Day. 

As you prepare for Undas this year, consider these tech gadgets as valuable additions to your tradition, ensuring that your commemoration is practical and memorable. 

And for post-Undas clean-up, efficient vacuum cleaners like those from Xiaomi can help you leave the cemetery spotless, honoring the tradition of leaving no trace.

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