Marcos shares Palace ghost stories, recalls Father Brown, moving chairs

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Halloween shared ghost stories which he said happened in Malacañang.

In a Facebook video, Marcos recalled an instance when he was younger and his father was President.

He said he was then staying in one of the guest rooms near the state dining room (“where we now hold Cabinet meetings”) and accidentally opened the door.

“Gabing-gabi na. Umuwi ako. Sinasara ko lang ‘yung pintuan mula du’n sa kwarto ko. Pagbukas ko ba naman ng pintuan, nakita ko biglang gumalaw ‘yung mga upuan,” Marcos said.

“‘Di nagsisisigaw ako dito at tumakbo ako… Sinabi ko sa security, ‘May multo, may multo!'” he added laughing.

(It was late at night when I went home. I was closing the door from my room. I happened to open it and then I saw the chairs suddenly moved. I screamed and ran. I told the security, ‘Ghost! Ghost!)

His son, Ilocos Norte Rep. Sandro Marcos, joined him on the video. “I still find that hard to believe.”

“Ay nako. It’s true,” Marcos said.

He said the security staff told it must have been “Father Brown.”

Marcos said there was a time when security personnel at the Palace slept on mats they placed in the hall while it was undergoing renovation. 

They told stories about Father Brown, apparently a ghost who woke them up from their sleep.

Marcos said they looked at the history of the Palace and true enough, there was a Father Brown who worked there during the time of the Americans.

“At mukhang hindi na umalis,” Marcos said. 

(Who it seems already chose to stay.) —NB, GMA Integrated News

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