Sarisuki, MoEngage partner to transform Philippine agriculture

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

PHILIPPINE company Sarisuki joins hands with MoEngage, a leading APAC customer engagement platform, to revolutionize the Philippines’ agricultural supply chain.

Sarisuki’s e-Grocery platform promotes access to sustainable food supply by ensuring fair compensation for farmers and affordability for consumers as well as by bridging stakeholders through its Agri Super Highway for sustainability, equity and transparency.

Sarisuki collaborates directly with Ka-Sangga farmers for farm-fresh produce, offering fair prices and support to improve farming. They aim to engage 1 million Ka-Sangga farmers and have 20,000 Ka-Sari Community Leaders distributing to 800,000+ community members.

Sarisuki’s platform also advances sustainable farming through direct involvement with six farms plus two more farms implementing eco-friendly practices. Their trust-based model fosters transparency and collaboration, benefiting supply chains, reducing inflation and nurturing young entrepreneurs.

With customers encompassing metro areas and beyond, Sarisuki serves both urban and rural areas in the Philippines. Through its Agri Super Highway, the Filipino firm provides doorstep delivery of a diverse range of products not readily available in local markets. The platform offers competitive pricing by removing multiple supply chain middlemen, minimizing extra costs for both farmers and consumers.

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MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform trusted by over 1,200 global consumer brands. MoEngage’s robust analytics provide Sarisuki with deep and actionable insights on consumer behavior, preferences, likes and dislikes, thus enabling the community selling platform to personalize experiences and engage customers better.

MoEngage’s advanced capabilities also help personalize interactions with customers, providing Sarisuki with relevant and timely updates about new products, promotions and special offers. This level of personalization strengthens the partner’s relationship with customers and ensures that they stay informed about the platform’s latest offerings and improvements.

Furthermore, MoEngage’s multi-channel capabilities enable Sarisuki to engage with customers through various communication channels, including email, push notifications, SMS and in-app communication.

Using its e-Grocery platform, Sarisuki already observed a surge in customers who access farm-fresh products from the comfort of their homes. Sarisuki’s customer base has expanded, driven by significant growth in the adoption of online grocery delivery and improved digital infrastructure in the country.

Founded in 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarisuki is the largest online platform in the Philippines that leverages the power of local communities across the country. Its mission is to transform the agricultural supply chain and positively impact the lives of Filipino farmers, consumers and the larger community.

Sarisuki firmly believes that farmers should receive fair compensation for their hard work and labor, while consumers should have access to affordable daily essentials.

Sarisuki seeks to bridge the gap between these stakeholders and create a sustainable, equitable and transparent Agri Super Highway.

A Customer Engagement Platform is software that captures data through apps or websites and allows personalized communications to customers via email, social media, or mobile apps. It’s usually a part of a brand’s API.

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