Pinoys in Israel told to follow war alert guidelines; DFA monitors situation

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

The Philippine Embassy in Israel has advised Filipinos in the Holy Land to remain vigilant and follow the guidelines set by the Israel Homefront Command as the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) continued to monitor the ongoing tension.

Israel war (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Facebook)
Screenshots from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Facebook

The Embassy said this as it closed beginning Oct. 8 due to the Israeli government’s declaration of a “State of War” following the Palestinian group Hamas’s surprise land and air attacks on Oct. 7.

In successive Facebook posts, the Philippine Embassy in Israel advised Filipinos in the Holy Land to call the Embassy’s emergency number, +972-54-4661188.

In a statement late Saturday (Manila time), the DFA said the Embassy in Tel Aviv is verifying unconfirmed reports that 22 foreign workers from the Philippines and Thailand were killed, and another seven kidnapped by the Hamas militants.

“The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv has received these unconfirmed reports. We are still verifying them,” it said on Oct. 7.

Regarding the Agrostudies students in Israel, the DFA said the person in charge received no reports of kidnapping, and all were accounted for.

“We are, however, continuing to monitor the situation. We have asked the authorities to secure them,” it added.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy in Israel told Filipinos to follow the Home Front Command Guidelines set until Sunday evening. The guidelines covered the areas of the Gaza Envelope, Western Negev, Central Negev, Western Lachish, Lachish Area, Shfelat Yehuda Area, HaShfela Area, Yarkon Area, Dan Area, Sharon Area, and the Jerusalem Area.

In the said areas, educational activities are prohibited until Sunday evening. Workplace activities are allowed in areas where a standard protected space can be reached within the available time to reach a shelter.

Outdoor gatherings and services in the said areas are limited to 10 people, while only up to 50 people can participate in indoor activities.

Generally, those in transit are advised to stop their vehicle on the side of the road and go inside the closest building. If they can’t, they must lie down and protect their head with their hands. Those inside buses and trains must duck under the window line.

When inside a building, they are to enter the shelter, close the windows, lock the door, and turn off the lights.

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