PH should condemn attack on Israel, says Eddie Villanueva

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

oleg-vakhromov-mRj7dt3VfIM-unsplash.jpgFlag of Israel (Unsplash)

CIBAC Party-List Rep. Bro. Eddie Villanueva is prodding the Philippines to issue a statement condemning the attacks launched by Hamas fighters against Israel. 

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked attack on Israel and its people in the streets, in bomb shelters and in their homes,” Villanueva said in a statement Saturday night, Oct. 7. 

“We call on the Philippine government to deplore and issue an outright statement condemning this inhumane and barbaric act of violence against Israel,” he added. 

“Israel is a close ally and…friend of the Philippines with which we share deep historical, economic, military, political, social and cultural ties. This is an opportune time that we stand on behalf of Israel. I call on every pillar of Filipino nation – from the government to the churches – to denounce this inhumane attack to the Jewish people,” said the former House deputy speaker. 

On Saturday morning, Hamas fired thousand of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory while militants infiltrated into a number of different locations in the Jewish country. 

The attack caused the Jewish government to immediately declare a state of war. 

Israel was attacked on the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah, which was supposed to be a day of joy. At least one Israeli woman was reportedly killed and hundreds were wounded. 

“I encourage everyone to continue supporting and praying for peace in the land of Israel,” said Villanueva.

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