OFWs taken care of amid terror attacks in Israel, says envoy

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss assured the Philippines that Filipinos in Israel are taken care of amid the ongoing tensions in Israel.

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Screenshot from Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fluss said in a press briefing on Sunday, Oct. 8, that Filipinos in Israel are taken care of like any other Israeli citizens.

“We are taking care of the welfare also of the OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), and the Filipinos working in Israel, caregivers, hotel workers, students,” the ambassador said.

“We continue taking care of them, they are part of the Israeli society. And we are looking at them as any other Israeli citizen,” he added.

He also hopes that there will be no casualties and the terror attack, which he said was done in an “unprecedented massive scale” by terrorist organization Hamas, will stop soon.

“We hope and pray that there will be no more casualties, no more war, no more terror attacks,” he said.

During the Simchat Torah or the peaceful celebration of the Jewish people, Israel was attacked by the terrorist organization Hamas by launching land and air attacks.

It caused more than 250 Israeli casualties, more than 1600 injured, and more than 100 Israelis have been kidnaped and captured as hostages in Gaza.

According to the Israel Embassy, Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel. The terrorist organization entered the cities and residential homes targeting innocent Israeli citizens including elderly people, women, and children.

Fluss also encouraged the international community to continue sending their messages of support to Israel and condemn the terror attack.

“We appreciate the kind messages and support that Israel is receiving from our Filipino friends,” he also said.

There are a little over 30,000 Filipinos in Israel, according to the records of Israel ‘s Population and Immigration Authority as of December 2021.

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