Crypto brings hope to the underprivileged

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Philippine Tribune

LAST August, CoinEx Charity donated school supplies to 100 disadvantaged students at Bacoor National High School (BNHS) in Cavite. CoinEx Charity is the corporate social responsibility arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx.

CoinEx Charity brought notebooks, school bags, and daily necessity materials to address both the students’ basic needs as well as to encourage young pupils to actively engage in learning and exploration. Such generosity would also equip them with better tools to help build a more conducive learning environment.

The donation is part of the program “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams,” which offers donations and grants to disadvantaged students worldwide. The global initiative launched this year aims to help students overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and unleash their full potential.

Founded in 2022 with the mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place,” CoinEx Charity established a multimillion-dollar charity fund to reach out and help respond to basic demands worldwide. Actively engaged in the field of charity, it advocates for humanistic care and supports public welfare activities to help meet the basic needs of the masses in human development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency disaster relief and medical donations, among others.

Numerous companies like CoinEx have set up foundations with a goal of giving back to the community, often with an emphasis on educating people about blockchain. Platforms such as CoinEx Charity have bolstered corporate social responsibility credentials by helping the underprivileged in developing economies gain access to bank accounts and other services through blockchain.

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CoinEx Charity in PH

According to the latest report from the Philippine Statistics Authority, over 22 million people in the Philippines are living below the poverty line, with approximately 35 percent of the population being children and teenagers. As many as 10 million students are grappling with poverty.

Established in 2003, Bacoor National High School is a public school that provides free education to disadvantaged students from diverse backgrounds and family situations.

On August 21, the CoinEx Charity team handed a batch of school supplies to BNHS. They also donated paint and cement for school maintenance that will help provide a more comfortable learning environment in the school.

The BNHS faculty and students welcomed them to express their heartfelt gratitude, while the school principal emphasized the donation’s impact on the students’ motivation to study even harder.

During the event, the CoinEx Charity team encouraged the students to face future challenges with confidence. The charitable initiative would certainly empower underprivileged students, with the team projecting its positive impact rippling across the community as well.

Global advocacy

With particular focus on the welfare of children in poverty-stricken regions, CoinEx Charity has remained committed to its cause, believing that education holds the key to a better future and that every child should have access to quality education. It continues to focus on advancing disadvantaged students, as it urges the whole community to join in and channel more resources and support in championing education.

To date, CoinEx Charity donations have reached other countries such as Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela and Indonesia. It will extend its charitable contributions to other locations, including Turkey, Bangladesh and the African continent.

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