The Effects of Color

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NOUBI SAYS: Colors are like any other art material. The balance should be observed for maximum effect. You’ll be surprised there are several things to can do with different combinations. 

The Effects of Color

Useful Tips!

 There must be a balance of light and dark colors for the best effect.

 Strong colors (ie. red and orange) can change or make other colors dull and unimportant. Strong colors can be made to look different by placing a different color next to them. 

 Any color used on a small scale can make a solid color stand.

 The apparel will look smaller in a dark color. While apparel will look larger in a light color.

 Light colors appear to come toward.

 Dark colors appear to go away from you.

 The greater the contrast of the color the greater is the effect of the color.

 The color of your hair may alter the color of the fabric.

 Colour dramatically appears different depending upon how much light (natural or artificial) is reaching the color.

 All colors are seen differently outdoor as for indoor (red as seen inside the house is different as when seen outside the house).

 Colors change on the effect of artificial light (Fluorescent and incandescent). White tends to look grayish in fluorescent light.

NOTE: It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few minutes in front of a mirror to know how your environment affects the color of your outfit. 

MORE TIPS on Colour!

 Exposing light skin at the neckline to achieve that light-dark balance.

 White is more expansive than black.

Monochromatic dressing is more slimming and elongating than dressing in contrasting color blocks or pattern blocks.

 Solid colors tend to make you look thinner and taller, especially when the same color is worn from head to toe (monochromatic dressing).

 Dividing the body into numerous colors can shorten and widen the body.

 To look taller and slimmer, avoid big prints and stick to solid colors.

Black with white is the most dramatic color combination because it has the maximum value contrast.

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