Telstra sets up cybersecurity center in Philippines for AsPac market

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

Elijah Felice Rosales – The Philippine Star

October 6, 2023 | 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Australian telco Telstra has opened a cybersecurity center in Manila to provide threat intelligence to its customers in Asia and the Pacific where the volume of malicious attacks is growing.

Telstra International yesterday opened the doors to its Telstra Security Service Center (TSSC) in Manila as an addition to its expanding roster of facilities dedicated for threat management.

The new center in Manila is designed to support the cybersecurity requirements of clients in Asia and the Pacific, as the region faces a resurgence in online attacks from criminal groups.

Likewise, Telstra International wants to capture some of the demand for cybersecurity solutions in the region. The International Data Corp. forecasts that investments on hardware, software, and services related to information protection could hit nearly $300 billion by 2026 globally.

Telstra International believes that cybersecurity investments will only balloon in the long term. It attributed its outlook to developments like the push for data privacy and the shift to hybrid work, all accelerated during the pandemic when people were forced to transact online.

Telstra International cybersecurity technology lead Alan Coburn said the TSSC in Manila should complement the work of its counterpart in the United Kingdom.

In general, TSSCs are tasked to provide cybersecurity services to Telstra International customers through a follow the sun model, meaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

TSSCs are also in charge of building up the digital posture of its clients by helping them prevent, detect, analyze, respond to, and remediate malicious attacks.

“Customers are demanding real-time and effective (cybersecurity) protection to get ahead of an increasingly complex cybersecurity environment. As the trusted technology partner to corporates outside of Australia, Telstra International is committed to offering robust security protection to customers,” Coburn said.

Telstra, the parent of Telstra International, is headquartered in Australia and serves as one of the largest telcos in Asia and the Pacific. Telstra International, for its part, operates in 35 economies across the globe and extends tech services to thousands of customers.

Cybersecurity watcher Palo Alto Networks named the Philippines as the most exposed country to malicious attacks in Southeast Asia, with most of the incidence coming in the form of malware.

Last month, state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corp. suffered from a ransomware attack that compromised some sensitive information of members, including mobile number and PhilHealth ID.

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