Ely Buendia reveals upcoming Eraserheads documentary

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Philippine Tribune

Ely Buendia, lead vocalist of the Eraserheads revealed an upcoming documentary about the legendary Pinoy Rock band.

In feature for online magazine Hiraya, Buendia was asked if rumors are true that there is going to be a Netflix special on the Eheads.

“There’s going to be a documentary on the Eheads and that’s all I can say for now,” Buendia said.

But when asked if there’s a possibility of composing new songs for Eraserheads, Buendia could only say, “Let’s see.” 

The elusive musiscian however revealed having written a new song called “Flaming Lullaby” that’s being sold as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

“I won’t pretend I have a clue what NFT’s are but it’s a nice change of pace for me, it’s like a whole new frontier that’s full of possibilities and you can be who you want to be,” Buendia said. 

Along with Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro, Buendia has wrapped up the Erasherheads’ North American Tour that covered key cities in the US and Canada. 

Fans have been speculating a documentary will cover the said tour, where the four legendary musicians were seen together as friends or at least, band mates having a great time. 

It can be recalled in a 2021 podcast interview, Buendia said the reason why Eraserheads broke up in 2002 was because “they were never friends.” 

During the North American tour, the four members as well as Buendia’s co-managers Day Cabuhat and Diane Ventura took to Instagram to share happy moments together, like good buddies do. They shopped, dined, visited migrant Filipino friends, enjoyed the tourist spots in every city they performed in, made some side trips, and caught a concert by The Cure. It ended on an exceedingly high note in New York City.

The tour happened barely four months after some 80,000 fans gathered at the SMDC Festival Grounds for their third reunion, “Eraserheads: Huling El Bimbo Concert,” last December.

The last time the iconic Filipino band was featured in a documentary was nearly 25 years ago. The documentary “Banda ng Masa” by journalist Jay Taruc appeared on “Eyewitness” in March 2009, shortly after “Final Set,” the second reunion concert set up after the original 2008 concert in BGC was cut short with Buendia rushed to the hospital during intermission after having a heart attack.

Taruc’s 2009 documentary focused on what the band members did after the aborted concert, especially Buendia’s recovery leading to the “Final Set.” It has been made available on YouTube. 

Fans are hoping the new Eraserheads documentary will be streamed before Christmas this year.

For a band who only wanted to play the AS Steps of UP Diliman, you could say the Eraserheads has gone beyond.

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