Is Julia Montes engaged to Coco Martin? Actress answers

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

Julia Montes is the latest star to take on the challenging “Talk or Dare” segment of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda!”

On Thursday, Tito Boy said that Julia was spotted wearing a ring during the ABS-CBN Ball, which was also attended by GMA executives and artists.

Among the things fans speculated from the sight of the jewelry was that Julia may be already engaged or may be already married to Coco Martin.

“Julia, my question is engaged na ba kayo, kasal na ba kayo? Ano ba’ng inyong estado ni Coco Martin?” the King of Talk asked.

“Parang mas nakaka-stress po kasi ‘yung dare eh,” she said. “Talk na lang, Tito Boy.”

The challenge that awaited Julia, should she have chosen not to answer, was to dance as if no one was watching.

“Parang mas nahihiya po kasi akong sumayaw sa harapan po ninyong lahat,” Julia said.

As for the question of her status with Coco, Julia cryptically answered: “Let’s cross the bridge when we get there.”

She also said that she is “very happy.”

Julia is set to star in the upcoming movie “Five Break-Ups and a Romance” with Alden Richards.

Written and directed by Irene Villamor, the film first made headlines last April when news broke that Alden and Julia would headline their first film together.

Last month, Alden and Julia expressed their gratitude for the support they have been receiving for the movie, including its viral scene drop, which earned millions of views on social media.

Five Break-Ups and a Romance” will hit local cinemas on October 18.

It is the first collaboration between GMA Pictures, Cornerstone Studios, and MYRIAD Corporation, Alden’s multimedia company.

—Carby Basina/MGP, GMA Integrated News

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