KPMG welcomes four new partners

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Philippine Tribune
From left: Audit and Assurance Partner, Michelle Kara S. Kho; Tax Partner, Jozette Issel G. Dizon; Technology Consulting Principal, Doris Aura B. Pastoriza; and Technology Consulting Principal, Frits Gerald M. Enriquez.

KPMG in the Philippines, a leading professional services firm, is proud to announce the admission of four outstanding professionals as new partners and principals, effective 1 October 2023. These appointments reflect the firm’s commitment to nurturing top talent and fostering growth, innovation, and excellence in the services it offers to clients.

Michelle Kara S. Kho (MSK)

Michelle Kara S. Kho, known as Kim, brings a wealth of experience to the firm with 19 years of professional practice in audit and assurance services. Her exceptional performance and management style have fostered open communication lines and no-surprise audits, resulting in strong client relationships. 

“Together with my esteemed colleagues, I am excited to contribute to the growth and success of KPMG. As a Partner, I will continue to champion a culture of excellence and integrity,” Kim shared.

Kim’s dedication to mentorship has guided her team members towards professional growth, showcasing her patience and kindness. Her involvement in Audit Quality initiatives has further solidified her reputation as a well-rounded partner – a true asset to the firm.

Jozette Issel G. Dizon (JGD)

Jozette Issel G. Dizon, known as Ice, is a home-grown KPMG talent who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the firm for the past 15 years. Over her career, Ice has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice. Notably, she led the expansion of the GMS service offerings to include immigration compliance and advisory in 2014, a strategic move that has since led to significant immigration engagements both locally and globally. 

“My goal is to see our firm become the most trusted advisor on global mobility by multinational companies in the country. Together, I look forward to unlocking the growth potential of our Global Mobility Services practice and elevating our firm to unprecedented heights,” Ice shared. 

Leveraging her profound expertise in tax compliance and advisory, Ice has consistently propelled quality performance, all while embodying an unwavering commitment to excellence. Guided by her unwavering determination, she stands ready to embark on the next chapter of her KPMG career, where she will undoubtedly remain an inspiring presence among her colleagues.

Frits Gerald M. Enriquez (FGE)

Frits Gerald M. Enriquez brings over 12 years of cybersecurity leadership to the firm, having joined in 2020 to lead the Cyber service line. His expertise in Security Risk Management and Enterprise Security Architecture has fueled the growth of the Cyber service line, contributing significantly to the firm’s Technology Consulting practice.

“This moment marks a significant milestone in my professional career. As I take on this new role, I envision us at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence, setting new standards and being the go-to partner of clients seeking pragmatic and robust security,” Frits said.

Frits’ focus on client-centricity and relationship building has been instrumental in project delivery and business development. His ascent to the role of Principal signifies his dedication to fostering cybersecurity excellence in the industry.

Doris Aura B. Pastoriza (DBP)

Doris Aura B. Pastoriza joined the firm in 2020 as a service delivery lead for robotics process automation (RPA) services, quickly rising to lead the intelligent automation service line. Her visionary leadership has driven growth in intelligent automation services with her reputation for client-centricity and successful project delivery. 

“Moving forward, I firmly believe that embracing emerging technologies will unlock boundless opportunities for our firm and clients alike. Together, we can lead the charge in pioneering solutions that shape the future of intelligent automation and its impact on businesses globally,” Doris shared.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, Doris Aura B. Pastoriza emerges as a beacon of leadership within our firm. As we welcome Doris as a partner, her resolute commitment to embracing technology and pioneering groundbreaking solutions promises to usher in new horizons, benefiting not only our firm but also our clients.

These new partners and principals embody KPMG in the Philippines’ commitment to innovation, client service and professional growth. Their diverse expertise and visionary leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the firm’s continued success and its mission to provide top-tier services and cutting-edge solutions to their clients across various industries.

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