‘Drag Race Philippines’: 9 moments that made Season 2 extra boogsh

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Philippine Tribune

“Drag Race Philippines” season 2 is nearing its end.

The show, which premiered in August, took audiences through a colorful journey filled with gag-worthy moments, yes, but also didn’t fall short of opening conversations relating to the challenges being faced by the LGBT+ community.

Ahead of the finale, let’s take a trip down memory lane for the most boogsh of moments from “Drag Race Philippines” Season 2.

1. Arizona Brandy licking the stage, turning powder into vape, during the lip sync smackdown of Episode 3

Arizona Brandy is one hell of a performer, that’s for sure. In her “first lipsync for your life,” on Episode 3 dubbed “Who Wore It Bettah?” the girl from Cubao came prepared with her bag of tricks, licking the stage, turning powder into vape and proving she was worthy of staying in the competition.

Performing RuPaul’s “Kitty Girl” against Tiny DeLuxe, Arizona embodied the word “camp” and represented Filipino drag artists through and through: a little bit funny, a little bit emotional, but overall entertaining. 

2. Tessa Prieto and the reborn of ‘This is trash’ comment in Episode 3

Tessa Prieto’s appearance as a guest judge for the holiday design challenge proved to be a highlight, but not for the right reasons.

On the “Who Wore it Bettah?” episode, Tessa called ØV CÜNT’s Halloween outfit “trash,” referencing Rajo Laurel‘s remark on Eva Le Queen’s design challenge in Season 1.

At a viewing party, ØV said it was weird that “someone’s trauma from last season is still being said as a f*cking joke.”

“No one deserves to experience that,” ØV said.

In response, Tessa took to her Instagram Stories to say, “Make drama, life is short. It’s called entertainment.”

3. Matilduh coming out on Episode 5 

In the Rusical episode of the season, Matilduh shared not having the chance to personally come out to her parents as gay because her teacher did it for her. 

It was the same episode where Matilduh was sent home.

Before leaving however, she took the opportunity to come out to her parents on the show’s confessional. 

At a Bekenemen viewing party of Episode 5, Matilduh was surprised by her mom’s appearance and emotional speech.

“Sabi niya nung last time, second year siya in-expose nung teacher niya. Hindi ko naalala ‘yung part na ‘yun kasi Grade 4 palang sinusumbong na siya ng teacher niya, sa loob-loob ko, ‘eh ano ngayon’?” Matilduh’s mom said.

4. DeeDee Marié Holliday spilling Hana Beshie’s secrets in Episode 6’s Pa-Pwet mini challenge

How can you forget the “Dramarama Mama” episode, where Maricel Soriano was guest judge but DeeDee Marié Holliday’s ruckus — spilling some personal things about Hana Beshie in the Pa-Pwet mini challenge — took center stage.

While the goal was to make fun of the contestants, DeeDee went a tad overboard and spilled to everybody what Hana told her in confidence — a definite no-no.

Deedee knew what she did was foul, and she knew she hurt her sister. Could it have affected her performance? Who knows but DeeDee was sent home on that episode.

The whole debacle provided for a severely emotional Untucked episode, where Hana broke down and expressed her anger and disappointment with Deedee.

Ultimately, the girl from Cagayan de Oro asked the fans to spare Deedee the hate since they already resolved the issue.

5. M1ss Jade So and Captivating KatKat’s enlightening discussions

Throughout the season, the two transqueens not only entertained viewers, they educated us too.

In the Untucked episode of Rusical, M1ss Jade So initiated the important discussion about using correct pronouns for members of the LGBT+ community.

According to Jade, because she identifies herself as a trans-nonbinary, her correct pronouns are it, she, and her, “never he, never him,” she said. 

KatKat meanwhile said, “iba iba kasi talagang klase ‘yan, as in sobrang lawak ng dimension ng pagiging LGBT+ hindi lang mismo ng trans. Kailangan lang namin ng undestanding and respect para di kami ma-discriminate.”

[It’s all really different, LGBT+ is such a wide spectrum, it’s not just trans. We need understanding and respect to avoid discrimination.] 

In the “Branding-ding-ding” episode meanwhile, the two tackled the important topic about sex change.

According to Katkat, it wasn’t — and it never will be — ethical to ask transgender people whether or not they already underwent a sex change.

“Hindi siya dapat tinatanong eh, kung operada ka ba, kung meron ka pa ba. It’s none of your business para malaman mo kung operada ako o hindi,” Katkat said in the episode. 

[It should never be asked. It’s none of your business to ask if I’ve undergone operation or not.]

“Private parts are private,” Jade agreed. “‘Pag ganyan, ine-educate ko na parang, you shouldn’t be asking me those questions.”

6. Golden Gays’ airtime in the Makeover Challenge

Drag Race Philippines paid homage to the Golden Gays — a community of older gay men established in Manila in the ’70s by Justo Justo — in the show’s Episode 7.

The remaining queens needed to transform six members of Golden Gays into members of their drag families as they walked on the main stage in their twinning looks.

What was a fun episode turned out to be such a heartwarming one, too.

So filled with love and light, the judges decided to make it into a non-elimination round, with the top two queens, Bernie and ØV CÜNT, lip syncing for the win.

7. Bernie and Captivating Katkat’s double shantay moment: A love letter to the trans community 

Captivating Katkat and Bernie raised the transgender flag in the “Branding-ding-ding” episode of Season 2. Both queens delivered a powerful lip sync performance of “The Power” by Ann Raniel that got plenty viewers turning emotional.

The pair expressed their emotions through the song very well, even having a “ruveal” at the end where Katkat flashed the word transwoman in her inner garment while Bernie showed off her body in a two-piece beaded ensemble.

“Kung matalo man ako ni Bernie, okay lang. Basta nailabas ko ‘yung gusto kong sabihin,” Katkat said in the confessionals, turning emotional.

8. Pangina Heals and Bretman Rock as guest judges

Of course, Pangina Heals and Bretman Rock gracing Season 2 of “Drag Race Philippines” are definite highlights! 

Pangina Heals, who competed in “RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. The World” and co-hosted “Drag Race Thailand,” visited the queens in the werk room for the Untucked episode and gave motivational words for them.

The Thai drag queen was not only so eloquent but also so intelligent and graceful. 

Bretman meanwhile served as the guest judge for “The Main Event” and surprised the competing queens backstage. She drank with them, took photos with them, and exchanged stories. It made such a fun episode — and a fun break for the queens, as well.  

9. M1ss Jade So’s emotional prom story on Episode 9

In “The Main Event” episode of Season 2, Jade explained her “Doble Kara Extravaganza” look was an ode to her high school prom look.

Apparently, Jade was not allowed to enter prom, when she arrived wearing a white cocktail dress.

“I was once told that I [needed] to wear a suit or anything as ‘pang lalaki’ just so I could enter my high school prom. I came to the event wearing a white cocktail dress, but they didn’t let me in,” she said.

As a protest of sorts, Jade remained at the venue, staying outside the prom area until the event ended.

“May isang teacher na nag-stay with me the whole night sa labas,” Jade said.

It demonstrated the challenges that members of the LGBT+ community face every day. 

The season 2 finale of “Drag Race Philippines” is set to air on HBO Go and Wow Presents Plus on October 4.

The four finalists are Arizona Brandy, M1ss Jade So, Bernie, and Captivating Katkat.

— LA, GMA Integrated News

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