Palompon town in Leyte has more to offer than just Kalanggaman Island

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Philippine Tribune

PALOMPON, Leyte – Unknown to many, this municipality known for Kalanggaman Island, the premier eco-tourism destination in Eastern Visayas, has more to offer its visitors.


VIEW from the lighthouse at Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary in Palompon, Leyte overlooking the boardwalk and mangrove forest where giant fruit bats and various marine species thrive. (Photo via Marie Marticio)

Aside from its diverse natural resources, Palompon boasts of a top maritime education institution, historical sites, and solid waste management facilities.

Jenny Beltran, the tourism consultant of the local government unit, shared that their tourism program started in 2010 with Kalanggaman as their flagship destination. 

“We noticed that tourism has brought a lot of income for our municipality because of the economic activities. Our tourism council has given recommendations that helped us gain a lot of recognition and a P26-million revenue from environmental fees alone,” Beltran said.

However, due to the unpredictable weather in the region, the LGU thought of offering other choices for tourists.

Just about a 10-minute boat ride from the town proper, Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary can be reached for a breathtaking view from the lighthouse of giant fruit bats and other birds nesting in thick mangrove forest. 

It is home to a diverse flora and fauna that give fishermen a bountiful harvest and can be explored through a bamboo boardwalk.

Locals believe that the mangrove forest served as a barrier that saved the town from the storm surge when super typhoon “Yolanda” hit in 2013.

When Kalanggaman Island is fully booked following the LGU’s strict enforcement of its carrying capacity or when the weather does not permit travelers to cross the island, Beltran said that they also have other resorts nearby that have floating cottages. 


A LIGHTHOUSE welcomes guests at the Tabuk Marine Park Fish and Bird Sanctuary in Palompon, Leyte where they can enjoy the breathtaking view of green mangroves and turquoise waters. (Photo via Marie Marticio)

The Palompon Terrestrial Eco-Adventure Park in Barangay Liberty gives adventure-seekers a bang for their buck with a unique zipline, sky bike, hiking, caving, and rappelling experience.

The Sky Garden in Barangay San Joaquin’s serene environment is also ideal for camping, picnics, and nature-tripping. 

The municipal eco-park is frequented by other local government units to benchmark its advanced system that addresses the problem of solid waste using a thermal decomposition machine, one of the latest technologies in solid waste management (SWM).

The thermal decomposition machine is an eco-friendly, no-smoke, no-odor, and no-filtration device that decomposes household, industrial, and medical wastes.

The eco-park, along with its thermal decomposition machine, is also equipped with other facilities such as bioreactor, waste pulverizer, and shredder that transform bottles and plastics into plastic bricks and hollow blocks. 

For pilgrims and art enthusiasts, the Saint Francis Xavier Church built in 1784 is a must-visit. 

On its ceiling across the altar is a mural of the Last Judgmentpainted by eight artists called Dibuho Kisame Crew (DKC) led by Aris Avelino Pastor.

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