IT school, gaming provider partner for game development lab

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

IT school iAcademy has partnered with DigiPlus, a retail gaming provider, to come up with a game-development laboratory that is meant to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on application for students.

IAcademy said the game development lab would be geared to meet the evolving and growing needs of industries and equip students in the fields of programming, app development, and design.

The game development lab is expected to make graduates immediately competitive in the job market.

“This partnership embodies their unwavering belief in the power of experiential learning, where students are not just taught, but actively engaged in shaping the future,” iAcademy President and CEO Vanessa Tanco said.

IAcademy sees the partnership will facilitate hands-on projects, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, where DigiPlus experts will work closely with students. This interaction will not only hone students’ skills but also provide them with invaluable insights into industry best practices.

Data from Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) projected the global demand in the field of computing to reach 149 million new jobs by the year 2025.

Approximately 98 million of these positions dedicated to software development.

“The participation by DigiPlus in the game development lab is a testament of our dedication to education, innovation, and harnessing the limitless potential of the Filipino youth,” DigiPlus COO Tommy Hu said.

“Together, iACADEMY and DigiPlus are poised to ignite a new era in education, where students are not just scholars, but pioneers and creators of a brighter, more dynamic future,” he added. —NB, GMA Integrated News

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