Watsons, DOH allies in advocacy for generic medicine

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

In the Philippines, generic medicine has faced persistent misconceptions despite its affordability and effectiveness. Some believe that generic medicine is of lower quality or lower efficacy than branded counterparts.

However, the Department of Health (DoH) reiterated that generic medicines contain the same active ingredients and adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

All for affordable medicine: GOBE Health Controller Blesie Espin, DoH representatives Amirah Natangcop and Constante Caluya 3rd, and Watsons’ Trading Health Consultant Belle Pesayco

All for affordable medicine: GOBE Health Controller Blesie Espin, DoH representatives Amirah Natangcop and Constante Caluya 3rd, and Watsons’ Trading Health Consultant Belle Pesayco

In an interview, Dr. Constante Caluya 3rd, Medical Officer 4 of the Pharmaceutical Division of DoH explained, “Always go to reputable pharmacies to ensure the quality of medicines. As long as it has Food and Drug Administration [FDA] licenses and certificates, generic medicines are safe, quality and you are assured of the effects.”

“The main advantage is it’s affordable compared to other medicines and with that, patients will be able to complete their medication as prescribed by the doctors,” Caluya added.

Health, wellness, and beauty retailer Watsons is dedicated to championing public health.

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Aligned with DoH’s advocacy for the use of generic medicines, Watsons provides a wide range of high-quality generics at affordable prices, allowing customers to save up to 80 percent on prescription costs.

Additionally, customers can enjoy up to 30 percent off when they purchase 30 pieces of Watsons generics through the ‘Comply and Save’ program.

This commitment was reaffirmed during the visit of the DoH to the SM North Edsa branch in celebration of “Generics Awareness Month.” Present were Caluya and Amirah Natangcop, along with key executives from Watsons Philippines, led by GOBE Health Controller Blesie Espin and Belle Pesayco, Trading Health Consultant.

“We stand behind the promotion of generic medicines. They provide accessible and cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality. This initiative aligns with our mission to ensure affordable healthcare for all Filipinos,” said Caluya.

Since its inception in 2014, the Watsons Brand Health Portfolio has significantly expanded. They offer a wide array of vitamins, supplements, prescription medicines for all age groups, cold and flu remedies, pain relief, digestive health, skin care, allergy medications, and more. All Watsons products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to European quality standards.

Watsons places a high emphasis on ensuring top-notch quality for their generic medicines by undergoing the 5-step quality check:

  1. Meticulous assessing suppliers, involving both technical and third-party audits to evaluate standards, safety protocols, and operational practices.
  2. Ensuring that supplier partners’ products have been duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. Mandating suppliers to adhere strictly to approved specifications, a process further reinforced by Certificates of Analysis.
  4. Implementing a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection to ensure they meet stringent packaging and integrity standards.
  5. Applying Post Marketing Surveillance, which includes vital microbial limit and heavy metal tests. Done even after the market launch of a product, this shows Watsons’ strong commitment to quality.

These steps underscore Watsons’ enduring dedication to ongoing safety and efficacy in their generic medicines.

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