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Online show “Kids Toy Kingdom” returns for a second season this September 30 and promises to take viewerson a delightful journey through the world of vintage and modern toys.

The difference this season is the show will have celebrity guests to join the fun episodes.

Taking the reins as the kiddie hosts of the show are newbie talents Sebreenika Santos, Honey Love Johnson, Cheska Maranan and Tom Leaño.

(From left) Director Perry Escaño (second from left) with ‘Kids Toy Kingdom’ hosts and special guests (from left) John Gabriel, Honey Love Johnson, Sebreenika Santos, Cheska Maranan, Tom Leaño and Joaquin Domagoso

(From left) Director Perry Escaño (second from left) with ‘Kids Toy Kingdom’ hosts and special guests (from left) John Gabriel, Honey Love Johnson, Sebreenika Santos, Cheska Maranan, Tom Leaño and Joaquin Domagoso

The show promises an engaging lineup of content, including discussions on cherished childhood toys and a spotlight on the differences between toys from the past and present.

“‘Kids Toy Kingdom’ is about vintage and modern toys. We’ll be discussing the passions of collectors and, of course, we have celebrity guests joining us. We’ll talk about their favorite toys from their own childhoods and explore the evolution of toys over time. Compared to the first season, we have made significant improvements, including the introduction of new hosts,” Perry Esçaño, the show’s director, shared.

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Escaño added that the hosts themselves underwent rigorous training to prepare for their roles.

“The kids underwent workshops where we noticed their talents, not only in acting, singing, and dancing but also in hosting. Every year, Gleam Artists Management provides talent training to help them enhance their abilities.”

The show’s return is a noteworthy event in the world of children’s programming.

Escaño reflected on the scarcity of such shows, saying, “In the past, there were shows like ‘Batibot,’ but nowadays, few producers take the risk to create content like this. That’s why we conceptualized this show because it caters not only to children but also to adults. It’s a way to bring joy to everyone, not just kids.”

Meanwhile, Maranan, one of the show’s young hosts, expressed her enthusiasm for hosting and entertaining.

“Hosting is a part of being an actor. I want to share the talents that the Lord has given me with the world and bring happiness to children.”

Santos added, “What makes hosting enjoyable for me is discussing famous celebrities from Net25 and discovering interesting facts about them, as well as learning about modern and vintage toys.”

Johnson also shared her excitement about her first show, emphasizing, “I’m happy to have my first show, and it will bring joy to kids because all the episodes are about toys.”

Leaño, on the other hand, aspires to interview comedian Michael V, who is also a passionate toy collector, “He has an incredible collection. It seems like he owns every toy. I often watch his YouTube channel, where he showcases cars, transformers, and Disney toys. I’m inspired by that.”

For the pilot episode, special guests GMA Sparkle artist Joaquin Domagoso and actor-singer-dancer John Gabriel will give insights into their favorite childhood toys.

“I used to collect Bakugan, those capsule toys that transform into small creatures when rolled onto a metal gate card. I had nearly 30 of them. But I also had Legos and WWE figurine characters like John Cena and Batista. I collected them and had epic battles against my sisters’ Barbies,” Domagoso said.

In the end, Domagoso encouraged viewers to tune in, pointing out, “According to YouTube analytics, almost half of the kids on the platform watch toy reviews and tutorials on how to use toys. This is a significant market. If we’re going to create a Filipino show for kids, this is it. Toys play a crucial role in a child’s development, helping them learn motor skills. Our goal is to continue promoting the joy of toys and collections, which seem to be fading away due to technology.”

Indeed, “Kids Toy Kingdom Show” promises to be a delightful journey down memory lane while offering a fresh perspective on the world of toys which will sure to capture the hearts of both young and old alike.

Don’t miss out on the premiere episode and the exciting discussions on September 30, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. live on Kids Toy Kingdom Facebook Page, with replays on Glitter Channel Facebook Page and YouTube.

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