Retail dollar bonds available via LandBank app

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Philippine Tribune

INVESTING in the retail dollar bonds can now be done through the LandBank Mobile Banking App (MBA).

The Land Bank of the Philippines (LandBank) has enhanced accessibility and convenience for both domestic and international investors looking to invest in the Bureau of the Treasury’s (BTr) Retail Onshore Dollar Bonds 2 (RDB 2) by providing a variety of investment channels.

“We are inviting all our investors, especially those with regular dollar flows or those with existing dollar savings, to diversify across currencies by participating in RDB 2,” LandBank President and Chief Executive Officer Lynette Ortiz.

The RDBs represent US dollar-based bonds featuring a 5.75-percent annual coupon rate and a tenor of 5.5 years, set to mature on April 11, 2029.

The public offering for RDB 2 will continue until October 6, based on the Treasury’s discretion, and the bonds are expected to be issued on October 11.

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This investment vehicle enables individuals to build and increase their savings while contributing to the funding of the national government’s key socioeconomic programs and projects.

People interested in investing in RDB 2 have the option to make a minimum investment of $200, with subsequent increments of $100, using either US dollar or Philippine peso accounts through LandBank’s investment channels.

When utilizing peso accounts, LandBank said it will assist in converting the currency at the prevailing market exchange rate. The process of investing in RDB 2 can be completed often within five minutes, using the LandBank MBA.

This feature is also accessible through the Mobile Banking App of the Overseas Filipino Bank, which is the official digital bank of the Philippine government and a subsidiary of LandBank.

Investors in RDB 2 have the option to place their investments online through the BTr Online Ordering Facility and make payments using the Land Bank Link.BizPortal online payment platform.

According to LandBank, over-the-counter placements are accepted at all LandBank branches nationwide.

“LandBank serves as one of the Joint Lead Issue Managers for the RDB 2 issuance, in line with its collective efforts to promote greater financial inclusion and support the National Government’s development agenda,” it said in a statement.

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