Bretman Rock says Palawan ‘is just as beautiful as my Mama”

Philippine Tribune
Philippine Tribune

Trust Bretman Rock to keep flexing the beauty of the Philippines on his social media pages.

On Monday, the Filipino-American content creator shared a carousel of photos containing all the highlights from his recent trip to picture-perfect Palawan.

In his post, Bretman was seen basking in nature while paddling a boat and interacting with his tour guide in fluent Tagalog.

“This place is just as beautiful as my Mama[,] that’s why they call it Mother Land,” he wrote in the caption.

“[Mentally,] I’m always home,” he added.

Every time Bretman flies home to the Philippines, he always finds something new to experience.

Earlier this month, Bretman held a belated birthday celebration in Palawan, where he tried fire dancing.

For his cousin Kiefer’s birthday in Manila, internationally renowned drag queen Taylor Sheesh gave a private performance of “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift in their hotel room.

Before landing in the Philippines, Bretman did a full beauty routine on the plane.

— Hermes Joy Tunac/LA, GMA Integrated News

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